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Fast. Reliable.

Providing unparalleled customer service in a timely and professional manner. 



TXN Wireless isn't just a company, we're a team. Our skilled crews are the foundation of TXN Wireless and take pride in getting the job done. We have the experience, equipment, and fortitude to finish each project successfully regardless of circumstances.

TXN Wireless is a can-do company, proud to get the job done for the customers we serve. Our experience and access to specialized equipment allows us to tackle projects both big and small. We handle full tower construction, decommission, and everything in-between.

Nicole Cotter

CEO & President of TXN Wireless

"Each time our crew members walk away from a finished project, we leave it as a standing testament to the quality of our work."




“Of course we could not have done it without our amazing subcontractors who showed up, on time, with everything they needed to do the job they had been assigned to do AND they did not stop until it was done! No excuses, just results.”

Amy Edge 

Founder, CEO Site Resources Inc (SRI)

"Join TXN Wireless as they are one of the companies in this industry dedicated to providing superior client service by exceeding clients expectations. TXN is led by one of the most entrepreneurial and passionate CEO's I have ever met in my 41 year commercial real estate career."

J. Rex Thomas

Vice President at Phoenix Commercial Properties, LLC

“Our Disaster Recovery Teams in Louisiana and Alabama have dealt with a very active and difficult season. During storm season, it is exceedingly difficult to maintain a high degree of safety and still accomplish the task at hand. Crews and associates in Louisiana were faced with the most severe storm of the season when Laura made landfall in Cameron, LA.

...Our team comprised of Eagle Award winners Joahna Denais, Giles Mouisset and Bobby Sanders, worked in conjunction with GC, TXN Wireless to tackle the 6 coastal hops of that chain. The conditions were dangerous and challenging. Due to flooding, they could not access the area with a crane, so they combined ingenuity and teamwork to safely devise a plan and executed it flawlessly. The most important site had a very large 8ft dish which the wind had twisted on the tower. TXN rigged the tower, were able to lift the dish, re-align the bracket properly and reinstall the dish. ”

Jim Dedmon

Sr. Mgr. Corporate Operations/ Maint & D.R.

“I was in the office last week talking with our Mid Atlantic market managers and heard really good things about your crews. Please keep up the good work! Thanks for your partnership. ”

Richard Zinno

Vice President MasTec, Inc

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